Calming Warm Humidifier

Air that is optimally diffused is critical for health and well-being. Diffusers improve the indoor climate quickly, allowing you to breathe freely. Whether in the bedroom, living room, office or gaming room, Diffusers make us feel more relaxed, energetic and focused. There are numerous tips and tricks for preventing room air from becoming too dry, such as hanging up, washing, or introducing plants; only a device for increasing relative humidity can help if the air is dry. Learn about the symptoms of dry air, why dry air affects us, and how humidity is measured in the next blog. UCLeveLs we will show you which Diffuser is best suited to your needs. STAY TUNED!


In most cases, if the humidity level is too low, only a device for increasing air humidity can help. Vaporisers, ultrasonic diffusers (nebulisers/atomisers), evaporators, and air washers are among the many designs available. However, the function they serve is always the same: to increase the relative humidity of the indoor climate by adding to the moisture (water) in the air. To some extent, can accomplish this by introducing houseplants or hanging up laundry however, a good Diffuser will also include numerous features such as hygrostats or automatic shut-off to facilitate and speed up humidification of the air.


A diffuser is a beneficial purchase during the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The ideal relative humidity level is between 40 and 60 percent, and scientists discovered that viruses remain less viable on surfaces when the humidity level is within this range. Simultaneously, the length of time viruses remains airborne decreases. This means that by maintaining a constant humidity level, you can reduce your exposure to the virus in the air and on surfaces. Diffusers help create a healthy indoor air climate for you while also reducing the lifetime of viruses in a room.


There are numerous models, shapes, and designs to choose from for air diffusers, with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Aside from selecting the right system, other important considerations include room size, water hardness, noise levels, positioning, and the expected device features (e.g., hygrostat, automatic mode, pre-heating, remote control, etc.). A diffuser should be simple to use and quick and straightforward to clean, and it should also have a high humidity performance and use as little energy as possible. In our blog post, we discuss choosing the best diffuser for you.

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