Bank of Wizards Gringott™ – Collector’s Edition

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A Magical Masterpiece for Harry Potter Enthusiasts!

The Bank of Wizards Gringott™ – Collector’s Edition is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, capturing the enchanting essence of the wizarding world. This limited edition collectible showcases exquisite detailing, making it a must-have for any Harry Potter enthusiast. Dive into the magical realm with this extraordinary piece, a testament to the wizardry of craftsmanship and a tribute to the beloved Harry Potter series.

Available on Pre-Order (Delivery Time 2 to 4 weeks)

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A perfect addition to any Diagon Alley model™

Get carried away into the wizarding world by building the Gringott Wizards Bank set™ – LEGO® Collector’s Edition Harry Potter™ (76417). Recreate the bank’s opulent foyer and mezzanine with a safe in the wall to keep Hagrid’s secret letter. Build the track with a mechanism that stops the trolley in each of the 3 underground vaults, including the Bellatrix vault, which contains a magical surprise! The set also includes the Ukrainian Panciascovato dragon snodabile, and a buildable model from the Serraglio Stregato store.

Build and Exhibit

Find instructions in the LEGO Builder box and app to guide your fascinating creative experience. Stack the vault, bank and dragon models and add the 13 included LEGO minifigures to complete an amazing display piece.

Gift Idea

This LEGO Harry Potter set is a special gift for every adult fan and can be attached to the 75978 Diagon Alley™ set (sold separately).

  • LEGO® Harry Potter Collector™ Collector’s Edition Set (76417): Relive Harry Potter scenes at Gringott™ Bank as you build stackable models of the bank, 3 vaults, and sizable Ukrainian Panciascovate dragon
  • 13 LEGO® minifigures: 2 Harry Potter minifigures™, Ron Weasley™, Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger™, Rubeus Hagrid™, Death Eater, Bogrod, Unci-Unci, Ricbert, 2 goblins and 2 guards
  • Authentic features: a trolley that slides along the track and stops at each vault, the Bellatrix vault (which contains a surprise), space for 3 minifigures on the dragon’s back and more
  • So much to explore: recreates the detailed foyer and mezzanine of the bank and the store of the Serraglio Stregato next door
  • Gift idea: Give yourself or give away this buildable model of 4,803 pieces to Harry Potter™ fans and adult collectors for birthday, Christmas or as a special surprise
  • Build and exhibit: the section of the Gringott™ Bank measures 36 cm in height, 32 cm in width and 25 cm in depth. The 3 combined models measure 79 cm in height
  • Build on your own or as a creative group activity: Find step-by-step building instructions in the LEGO® Builder package and app
  • Combinable with other LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets (sold separately): the Gringott™ Bank model can be linked to Diagon Alley™ (75978), sold separately
  • Quality Assurance: LEGO® bricks meet the strictest quality standards in the industry, are always of uniform quality and perfectly compatible, and mount safely
  • Safety First: LEGO® components undergo countless tests to ensure they meet rigorous global safety standards

Recreate the moments of the movie with 13 minifigures

  • Experience the Thrilling Heist: Harry, Ron, and Hermione Infiltrate a Vault in Disguise.
  • Embark on a Magical Journey with Hagrid that Guides You to the Enchanting Bank Vaults.
  • Join Forces with the Guard Against Death Eater Assaults.

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