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Harry Potter Memo Pad Reveals!

Triad Inc, a Japanese architectural model maker, sells unique memo pads called Omoshiroi Block. Muggle eyes see Hogwarts Castle as a ruined structure, as Harry Potter fans know. Hogwarts Castle begins to appear along the spine of the pad as each page is used and ripped away. All pages have been removed, a replica of the wizarding school can be displayed on a desk or Shelf.

The clever design starts with a thick pad of paper. Some pages have pop-up plans that Harry Potter fans will recognise, such as Harry’s broomstick, in varying colours. Each sheet is strategically perforated around the outlines of the 3D castle. Keep the pad on your desk and use it to write memos to coworkers or to remind yourself. The tips of the turrets begin to appear as the sheets are used and removed. Green trees appear, and eventually, the entire castle is revealed.

This is the primary setting for the first six volumes of the Harry Potter witches series. The model is made of paper; remove the memo sheets to reveal the model.

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